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Last Event in Berlin

Photography by Lukasz Kus

Photo Talks 14th of May

During our first edition three photographers took the stage. They are all enticed by the means of visualization to bring a deeper topic to light.

 Time: 19:30-21:30

Location: Glogauer Strasse 16, ​10999 Berlin. 

Evelyn Bencicova (b. Bratislava, 1992) is a visual creative specialising in photography and art direction.

Employing multifaceted symbolic representations as illusions, Evelyn plays with the viewer’s perception to entice them into the secret labyrinth of her imagination. Her disturbingly beautiful visual language and washed-out colour palette, set within curiously symbolic environments, allow for a deep exploration of the themes that take her images far beyond what they reveal at first glance.


Website: http://evelynbencicova.com/

Instagram: @evelyn_bencicova




Photographer Matthew Coleman is fascinated by the healing power of water. As a source of rebirth and start of an inward journey he wants to show that the rising use of self-medication and alcohol abuse are not the solution. He is fascinated by the inability of people to express themselves and their struggle of keeping everything in. As we live in a world where most people hide behind their mask in their day-to-day lives, which separates their true self from the rest of society.


Website: https://www.matthew-coleman.com/

Instagram: @findmatthewcoleman



Lisa Wassmann (b. Berlin) is a photographer well known for her works in Berlins nightlife and evolving clubscene.

Raised in the midst of a divided city as the daughter of a magician and a sound engineer, Wassmann spent most of her childhood backstage in the Theater des Westens where her parents used to work. This influenced the way she develops her work as she captures staged moments whilst orchestrating the light and textures of the natural surroundings.

Website: https://www.lisawassmann.com
Instagram: @lisawassmann


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Instagram: @uncoated_platform

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