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Upcoming Event in Berlin

8th of October


Maciej Markowicz

A Polish photographer based in Berlin. Having a long-term passion for the medium and its materials, Markowicz uses giant mobilized Camera Obscuras (Latin word for ‘dark room’) to explore the limits of photographic expression by exposing images directly onto large-scale sheets of color photographic paper, creating direct-negative images without film or digital technology.


He is the founder of Moving Camera non-for-profit foundation. The aim of the foundation is to promote the use of art and photography for positive social change by organizing workshops for children and youth from diverse and disadvantaged communities. 


Website: https://maciejmarkowicz.com

Foundation: https://movingcamera.org

Mehran Djojan

Kabul-born, 23-year old Berlin-based photographer and director Mehran Djojan captures beautiful conceptual portraits that explore the dreamlike realm of his imagination. Although often surreal in scope, the images appear effortlessly natural; they evoke emotion through the expressiveness of the subjects’ faces and bodies within the environment, rather than overly contrived, digitally manipulated tropes of the genre.

Website: https://mehrandjojan.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stories/mehrandjojan/

Daniela Schwabe

Dutch artist Daniela Schwabe is currently based in Berlin for an art residency at GlogauAIR. She uses the medium of photography and painting to build a new structure for the reflection of memory and the impact of images on the way memory is conceived. She looks at how major historic events, such as the Second World War or nuclear bombing, affect society on the level of imagery; certain images stick with us through time and become icons in the collective memory.

Website: http://www.danielaschwabe.nl/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danielaschwabe/

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